Project design, or design for change, is an entirely new way of thinking and working in design. It draws upon visual, instructional, and systems design principles grounded in research, along with organizational skills and human factors, to create a holistic understanding of the project and its impacts on the individual and community. Its outcomes are real products such as websites, print graphics, conferences, or instructional programs.

Creating and fostering messages with the power to touch the heart and mind requires both a breadth of skills and a depth of knowledge. It is an art and a wisdom. Wilton+Wark, design+interaction, provides a full scope of expertise to take your project from initial planning and proposals to live, ongoing interaction.

Dan WILTON is our lead designer, responsible for the visual and technical systems design. Professionally trained in both architecture and advanced distance education technologies, he sees each project as both code and craft.

Norine WARK is our project manager, lead writer, and primary trainer. Currently pursuing her doctorate in distance education, she is also our expert in instructional design and communities of practice.

Principal: design and technology
Kootenays Studio

Norine WARK
Principal: project management
Northeast Studio


Photography and research
Kootenays Studio

Through her Duomo Photography, Karen GODBOUT provides photography and research services for projects in the Kootenays.
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