One important theme for our work has been the use of print and digital design to support the activities of First Nations and environmental groups. To this end, we have developed websites for Wayne Sawchuk's Muskwa-Kechika and the Peace Valley Environment Association, and a print report for the Athabasca River Valley Community Landscape Visioning Group. We have also prepared a website for Leslie Williamson's Orineida and print and web materials for the Treaty 8 Tribal Association.

A particularly notable client has been, and continues to be, the Keepers of the Water, a nonprofit organization with several chapters across northern Canada to protect the Arctic Ocean Basin. Our ongoing print and digital media development for the Keepers includes the organization website, brochures, four complete print packages (posters, programs, and other items) for its annual Watershed Gathering, and the Keepers brand itself. We have also played a key consulting role in conference planning and organizational development.

In addition to print and digital design, we are also professionally qualified to provide instructional design and academic research services. We have recently completed the re-development of two courses for Public Health Canada, involving professional writing and the structuring of instruction and activities. We also maintain a close connection to the distance learning and educational technology research community at Athabasca University, where Norine is a research project manager and Dan is the host of a monthly online seminar series.


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